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Guarantees and Commitment

In terms of trees

Numerous tests are carried out to ensure that our clients are provided with trees in the best possible health conditions with optimal variety authenticity:
• When they are introduced into France, the grafts have to be sent to the Quarantine Station, in Clermont-Ferrand.
• During the final selection with the material certification: we follow the entire CTIFL certification process concerning the verification of the variety's authenticity and the carrying out of plant health tests at each stage in the breeding process.

In terms of varieties

the experiments carried out on the varieties at various production sites, at the stations and also by producers, enable us to further our understanding of the different varieties with regard to their qualities and their defects. This enables us to be as precise as possible when giving growing advice. However, taking into consideration the different variables of climate, agronomy, economy, techniques and others, the farming of the varieties remains solely the fruit farmer's responsibility and we cannot guarantee any result in terms of quantity or quality.

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